The DevOps Engineer role is oriented to optimize and automate the way the team develops business applications and their deployments, also create, develop, and optimize the Source Code Management and source code quality evaluation are part of the daily responsibilities. 

The DevOps Engineer will be in charge of: 

  • Overall operation, control, and management of DevOps tools 
  • Management of business applications source code, including versioning and integration or support on roll back if needed. 
  • Collaboration as development team in projects (when required) 
  • Enabler and coach for DevOps stack and way of work. 
  • Understanding the needs of every project to enable when apply the right DevOps environment to increase development team productivity. 
  • Actively coach, coordinate and guide the development team on DevOps mindset, tools and way of work. 

Knowledge and experience

  • 1 year successful delivering applications development and operational on DevOps way of work. 
  • Exceptional knowledge of applications maintenance, optimization/transformation, development, and delivery within an enterprise environment. 
  • Broad knowledge of current software development technologies.