Responsible for the management of the DXP platform, maintaining, keeping up to date, and supporting the delivery teams to release their work in a safe and planned way.


  • Deploying and maintaining critical applications on cloud-native microservices architecture using Kubernetes
  • Implementing automation, effective monitoring, and infrastructure-as-code
  • Deploying and maintaining CI/CD pipelines across multiple environments
  • Translates loosely defined requirements into solutions
  • Using open-source technologies and tools to accomplish specific use cases encountered within the project.
  • Using coding languages or scripting methodologies to solve a problem with a custom workflow
  • Collaborating with others on the project to brainstorm about the best way to tackle a complex technological infrastructure, security, or development problem


  • In-depth knowledge of container technologies with a focus on Kubernetes
  • In-depth understanding of containerized systems especially managing Kubernetes clusters in AWS/Azure platforms.
  • Proficiency in Shell scripting and good knowledge of Linux systems
  • Good understanding of Helm deployments and charts. Good knowledge of different orchestration alternatives is desirable
  • Infrastructure as code using terraform
  • Be familiar with modular development using terraform and managing states for a complex system)
  • Desirable experience in code formation and ARM templates
  • Advantageous to have experience in native cloud automation for IaC, including AWS code formation and Azure ARM templates
  • Proficiency in AWS and Azure
  • Have a working knowledge of both AWS and Azure clouds with a good understanding of core technologies like networking, storage, serverless, compute, security, etc.
  • Configuration management using Ansible
  • Good knowledge of ansible and proven ability to automate environments using ansible where required