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Technical Leader

Purpose of role

The Business applications management leader (full stack) is one of the most critical team members of Business Applications. As a KEY role, the business applications management leader is oriented to operate, administrate, and maintain the applications on a DevOps and non-DevOps environment. This individual will provide technical leadership and consulting across the organisation, from strategic decision making down to the product backlog management, to realise continuous operation and improvement, including preventive/reactive maintenance

Inchcape Digital

Job roles and Responsibilities:

-The Business applications management leader will provide services to worldwide Inchcape markets.

·Manage, coach, coordinate with the development team on both DDCs (Colombia and Philippines).

-Collaborate with end-users and senior management to define and estimate the business requirements for complex business application operation and minor changes (development) and gain buy-in for all Applications management and development pipelines.

-Provide and apply consulting expertise, knowledge, direction, and assistance to the operation and development team

-Develop, and oversee operation and management of end-to-end business applications

-Collaborate on the DevSecOps strategy and structure to maintain the business applications

Formal Education & Certification:
-Four-year university degree or college diploma in computer science and/or 10 years equivalent work experience.

-Preferred certifications in Application Management, Application development and DevOps

-Preferred certifications in the use of Azure tools to maintain and operate applications.

-Preparation and training on DevSecOps tools

-Software Development Certification

-Preferred certification or training around software development and operation

Skills and Experience Required:

-At least 3 years of successfully delivering applications development and operational excellence.

-Exceptional knowledge of applications maintenance, optimisation/transformation, development, and delivery within an enterprise environment.

- 3+ years managing applications lifecycle.

-Strong software development experience on .NET Core, C#, SQL

-Experience doing projects based on SOA architecture and microservices architecture.

-Experience in Database (relational MySQL, SQL Server and non-relational cosmosDB, or others) for implementations, data integrations and data accessibility.

-Strong cloud (Preferable Azure) based applications development experience essential.

-Strong knowledge about DevSecOps tools, such as GitHub, GitLab, Dockers, etc.

-Strong knowledge of OS (Linux and Windows) at the command-line level for Applications configuration.

-Understanding of Cloud architecture (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, IaC)

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