Inchcape Digital


Technical Manager - SAP

Country: Colombia

Started at Inchcape: May, 2021

Inchcape Digital

Why did you join Inchcape Digital?


I love the Digital Delivery Centre (DDC) project and I wanted to be part of it. The DDCs show Inchcape’s commitment to technology, and it is great to be part of a company that is making this commitment. The opportunity to work globally is also a big attraction for me.

Plus, I love cars and it is great to be part of the automotive industry.


What is the most rewarding thing about your job at Inchcape Digital?


It is the positive work environment and how welcome everyone makes you feel at Inchcape. There is a really positive attitude here. I can be speaking to someone in Colombia or a colleague in London and you feel the same positive attitude. It encourages me to do my best.


What advice would you give for someone thinking about a career with Inchcape Digital?


Do it, it is a great opportunity! In Colombia it is great to be part of a business that is growing so fast and also investing and creating opportunities in the country.
You need to be ready to work hard and be open to new opportunities and be challenged – if you are willing to do that Inchcape will bring out the best in you.


What kind of person will have a successful career at Inchcape Digital?


You need to collaborative – we are creating something new here at Inchcape and we want everyone to bring their experiences and skills together to build something better for our business.