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Our Inchcape Digital Teams
Inchcape Digital provides services to the Regions through their Regional IT and Digital teams
Inchcape Digital
Our Inchcape Digital Teams
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Business Applications Platform

Business is the foundation of all projects and applications in the company. Those applications that sustain the operation, business functions realization or are related to a business process, Interaction between the company with our end-customer, OEM, or dealer are part of the day by day for the Business Applications team. Ideate, Incubate, Implement, Develop, Enhance and Maintain is what we do on the business applications to achieve the business results that Inchcape is looking for.


Data Analytics Platform

Data is at the heart of our business strategy and our Data, Analytics, Business Intelligence and Automation team is powering our global business intelligence activities. Our data scientists and engineers use cutting-edge analytics technology, such as Databricks and Alteryx, to provide actionable data insight and intelligence to our partners.


Network, Cloud and Infrastructure

A multidisciplinary team, our Network, Cloud and Infrastructure team is developing a global technology distribution center where we will have to develop projects from the consolidation of datacenters and migration to the cloud, to systems and services for monitoring and network management. To expand our global network we use leading technologies, such as SDWAN, WVD on Azure, robust and integrated infrastructures through authentication / federation systems, Azure AD and Office 365 environments.


Digital Experience Platform

As more of our customers complete part, or all, of their buying journey online, a customizable and world-class solution is increasingly important both for them and our brand partners. Our Digital experience Platform team is central to providing our customers with a seamless and enjoyable experience through their entire purchase journey, as well as aftersales care. Our Digital Experience team works closely with some of the industry leaders in customer experience and relationship management, including Salesforce.


ERP / Finance and DMS Platform

Our global SAP team delivers Inchcape’s ambitious technology rollout and SAP innovation programme. At the forefront of Inchcape’s Technology Strategy, our SAP team is helping drive the adoption of SAP in our business and leading the implementation of new SAP products and innovative solutions. To support our ambitious SAP plans we are also building a new SAP team based in our Digital Delivery Centre in Colombia.


Cyber Security

Our Security team plays a vital role in enhancing our cyber security, including preventing, detecting, analyzing and responding to cybersecurity incidents. It is a fast-paced team that helps to reduce the impact of security incidents and ensures that critical business operations continue unhindered. We use best practice security management and control tooling such as Cysiv, Sentinel One, ProofPoint, Netskope, Intruder, Security ScoreCards and LastPass.


Inchcape Digital
Inchcape Digital

Service Delivery Management

We operate as a single, customer-oriented global function, providing Service Desk, Service Design & Architecture, Service Transition and Service Operations Control, to all Inchcape teams. Supported by a consistent set of tools and processes, the Service Desk aims to deliver resolution at first contact across all channels. User Experience, Knowledge Management and Continuous Service Improvement are at the core of our sustainable operation. We have one tool suite and one set of processes with a high level of automation; driving consistency of operation and quality.


Digital Parts Platform

Digital e-commerce platforms are essential tools for both manufacturers and consumers of automotive parts. They offer manufacturers increased efficiency in distribution, reduced costs, and customer penetration. For consumers, e-commerce websites provide a convenient way to find the right part the first time, with a wider selection of products, and detailed product information to aid in decision making.

Digital Parts offers a unique B2B marketplace that connects businesses with genuine parts online. Our platform is user-friendly and designed to help businesses easily find and source the right parts for their needs.

Our team is a diverse group of individuals passionate about technology, including business analysis, UX/UI design, frontend and backend development, quality, data engineering, and dev ops. We are dedicated in providing an exceptional customer experience and driving innovation in the industry.


DDC Operations

Our DDC Staffing team play the important role of ensuring our Inchcape Digital teams and Digital Delivery Centres are operating effectively. They are responsible for day-to-day operations, budget and cost management, resources allocation, process and operation continuous improvement, health and safety, corporate social responsibility, KPI delivery, facilities logistics and administration.