System Security QA Manager

Purpose of Role

This role defines and polices the standards required to ensure security and user administration processes are applied consistently across all markets. These standards and associated processes must reflect the needs of Inchcape’s internal and external auditors, such that audit requirements are met, and NIST compliance is ensured. The role also has responsibility for SAP license tracking and compliance, and for ensuring that Inchcape passes the annual SAP license audit.

Job Role and Responsibilities:

Work with the Functional Authority, Inchcape’s Senior Internal Audit Manager – IT, Digital and Programme Assurance and the DDC SAP Security Leader to define, refine, document, communicate and implement effective processes for ensuring global User Access Management and Security standards are met. This includes, but is not restricted to, ensuring that correct user naming conventions are followed, and that markets are implementing the leaver process consistently and correctly.

Ensure that these standards are fully understood by global IS management, and by all DDC team members, and that they are implemented consistently. An element of 1-2-1 or 1-2-many training via MS Teams may be required, as a result of audit activities.

In support of the Functional Authority, work with Inchcape’s DDC SAP Security Leader to ensure that appropriate business roles are in place and applied correctly, performing periodic quality audits as required.

Support the Project Management team:

  • With the pre-emptive QA of project role requirements
  • By performing post-implementation role reviews and audit to ensure that “BAU only” roles are in place (i.e. project roles removed) following project transition to BAU Support.

Using reports and periodic audits, work with Inchcape’s DDC SAP Security Leader to ensure that CUA is implemented correctly, with user naming conventions and authorization role naming conventions applied consistently across all markets.

In conjunction with the Technical Authority, and using SUIM reports and regular audits, review the use of Fire Fighter (FF) roles across all Production systems. This includes, but is not restricted to, a review of the FF request justifications within tickets, the work performed under FF, the timely removal of FF roles, and progress being made on Problem Tickets that have been raised to remove the need for FF access in future. Where significant and/or consistent failings are identified, escalate accordingly.

Perform regular report-driven checks for instances of Client Opening across all systems

Take day-to-day ownership of SAP License requirements in support of projects and new business acquisitions, providing up to date information on current license usage as required. Perform periodic checks against current contract entitlements and run the annual SAP License audit process, liaising with key Inchcape management stakeholders and the SAP audit team as required.

Skills and Experience Required:

Excellent written and spoken English

A structured and disciplined approach to processes and procedures, ideally with prior QA / audit experience

A detailed knowledge of SAP’s role inheritance / derivation concepts, including practical experience of single and composite role usage, SOD conflicts and resolutions

A thorough understanding of SUIM (User Information), together with a good working knowledge of other authorization reporting and troubleshooting transaction codes and tools including:

  • SE16 (Data browser)
  • SU22 (Maintain Authorization Values)
  • SU53 (Display Authorization Data for User)
  • STAUTHTRACE (System Trace for Authorization Checks)
  • PFCG (profile generator)

A thorough understanding of business role concepts and experience of creating and implementing them in complex business environments, with first-hand experience of the harmonization of roles across multiple systems and / or markets.

Demonstrable practical understanding of SAP licensing, with direct license audit experience within multi-national organizations

Experience of the NIST cyber security framework, and familiarity with Solution Manager ChaRM and MS Visio is desirable

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