Data Scientist

Inchcape is one of the world’s largest independent automotive distributors and retailers. We manage the end-to-end distribution, logistics and customer experience for the best car brands in the world. To achieve this Inchcape is building an internal capability, this will be a small team of highly proficient AI experts , Data Scientists & Software Engineer for this nextgen Used car business. Generative AI, NLP & ChatGPT are seen as one of the key enabling AI areas for the business.

Philosophically we are not here to automate the past but reimagine the future.

To achieve this Inchcape is building an internal capability, this will be a small team of highly proficient AI experts , Data Scientists & Software Engineer for this nextgen Used car business.

This team will provide the means such that Inchcape, will be able to rapidly benefit from the use of generative and general AI to lead in the creation of next generation of Used Car businesses.

While we wish to reimagine and build the next generation business we also realise the value in data and IP/Patents we will establish in this journey. Creation, protection & value of the IP that is developed is to be one of the core foundations of this team.

There are 3 specific areas/skill sets we are looking for in this/these areas. These specialty skills/experience will all need to be built on an outstanding academic foundation (MSc/PhD) likely to be heavy in Engineering/Applied Mathematics/Physics or similar. Roles:-

1. NLP, Generative AI chatbots such as ChatGPT

2. AI & Image Processing

3. Core AI (Generative) & Mathematical/Statistical modelling

Roles and Responsibilities:

As a Lead experienced Data Scientist with specific experience in NLP & Generative AI chatbots such as ChatGPT, you will be responsible for translating the goals of the business, where appropriate into actions & products that leverage the capabilities offered by AI where appropriate. Key component of these roles is:-

  • to mentor and build internal expertise within the teams, junior (less experienced) members.
  • Offer leadership, both academic and project guidance to the members of your team(s)
  • keep abreast on developments in your field(s) of expertise (Generative AI chatbots such as ChatGPT)
  • Provide the framework, guidance, architecture & design of products within your domain.
  • Be able to view the work through a “product” lens & have a delivery mindset.
  • Leverage the power Generative AI/ChatGPT to help transform Inchcape into a next generation business.

As a Data Scientist on Inchcape Analytics team, you’ll work on all aspects of Data Science Development helping build persuasive data science products (algorithms/use-cases) for a multi-brand automotive distributor with operations spanning countries on five continents. You’ll provide your technical expertise in guiding the successful development and deployment of data products, leveraging cutting-edge technologies that will power revenue-generating business applications and processes.

You will provide your leadership to a global cross-functional team comprising of various functions like data science, statistical analysis, automation, BI, analytics architecture, experimentation, and business analysis. You will also provide technical oversight and guidance for our acceleration partners who we’ve employed to help push forward our business objectives.

At your core, you are passionate about leveraging the power of AI to create a next generation business in the Used Cars Sales ecosystem.

A career with Inchcape provides the opportunity to lead a team in a multinational business where AI & data analytics is being put at the heart of the business strategy. You will experience in an exciting and rapidly growing team and an opportunity to be part of a truly global company.

• Use Advanced AI, specifically Generative Ai/NLP/ChatGPT Analytics & Predictive Modelling to derive evidence based actionable insights.

  • Working across our global community of data scientists and engineers — and partnering closely with analytics infrastructure & data engineering teams
  • You will apply AI, Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) methods to interpret all types of data pertaining to automotive sector and build solutions to solve the problems Inchcape is facing.
  • You are adept at all aspects of analytical modelling, including the integration of data, selection, and application of predictive modelling techniques, model validation and deployment, and work with experimentation team to help integrate the model as part of the business process through “test & learn”
  • Serve as a technical guide to the team and contribute to the overall infrastructure design

• Design and develop production-ready AI enriched solutions.

  • Scope, design, and implement AI/machine-learning models to solve interesting user-cases and achieve measurable improvements.
  • Lead AI, big data & analytics initiatives, and greenfield projects implementations.
  • Lead instate A/B testing as an integral part of the pipeline when evaluating changes in the offered products and services.

• Develop our advanced AI capabilities.

  • Lead the development of and use of AI to transform the business at every level.
  • Champion a culture of innovation through AI , you will be responsible for the entire lifecycle of developing and deploying AI enriched products and processes

Relevant Experience:

  • A proven track record of working in and using AI to either improve an existing process or to reimagine and build a completely new process or toolset is required. Such a position would require 4+ years as a practicing AI engineer/scientist. This role specifically requires expertise & experience in NLP, Generative AI and ChatGPT or equivalents.
  • Working on data science virtual machines on the cloud (Azure, AWS, etc.). Understanding of RESTful APIs and microservices is an advantage as would demonstrable; Kaggle / Git / analytics blogs and repos.

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